How I earn €3600 a month using "Live Roulette"!

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Some people may say: €3600 in a month? Online? No way! I don't believe that it's possible, without hard work! And I agree. Without putting in hard work during the first months you won't make €3600, especially if roulette is something new to you. You‘ll probably make a maximum of €1000, which I think you’ll agree is good money to start with. Nowadays, working online is nothing new, a great many people are working online today and some earn very big money - not including those who click on ads or perform similar tasks for a few Euros.

The way I am working... (Thailand)

I remember back when I started my work on this system and I had tested many strategies. Many people said that I was crazy; they wondered what I was doing and advised me to find a real job because I would never win at roulette. This was difficult for me to take, but I was strong and I continued my work because I believed in this and I believed in myself more than ever. In the beginning I lost a lot of money because I did not have this roulette strategy, but after starting to use it the profit came with it! Now I earn €3600 a month and more, I live where I want to live and I do what I want to do!

Continue reading and you will learn how to start earning money as I do because I'm willing to share my strategy with you absolutely free!

Introducing my Strategy

Roulette Strategy Application

What to do...
Place 1 on Black
What was the result?
Red 0 Black
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I spent some time developing an application that allows me to use my roulette strategy easily, you can see the completed application with my strategy running on the right hand side. You can use this directly on my website when playing any Live Roulette.

More about the strategy. When you start playing, you always need to place €1 on one of the colours (Black or Red). If you lose, you need to double your bet until you win. Every time you win you get +€1 in profit. After winning, you must always start again with €1 on the colour selected in the application. I have limited the maximum bet to €32, because I do not recommend higher bets.

After a randomly selected 3-6 spins, or if the spin falls on 0, you do one empty spin, then the application will change the colour on which you have to place your bet. Thankfully, you don't need to worry about remembering these rules; the application will do it for you. You can start using it right now!

To achieve successful results, it is strongly recommended that you only use the strategy when playing with a real dealer in Live Roulette. When playing with a real dealer, the casino can't control where the ball will land, they show live video of the table, which means that the results can be trusted.

Using this roulette strategy your balance will increase by €1 every time you win. That's how I earn money! :)

Look below to see some of the casinos I'm using...

Casinos I'm using right now

How safe is it? (Analysis)

Number of spins

With a €1 bet place on one of the colours, you have a 50% chance of winning. That’s a good chance, but it’s not good enough to earn safely. Therefore after every loss you double the previous bet, and as a result your chance of winning becomes 75%. In case If lose again, double your second bet, this will give you an 87.5% chance of winning. As a result, doubling your previous bets will give you a winning chance of up to 99.9%, which means that you will almost certainly earn money.

Your account's balance is also important; when I withdraw my funds, I always leave at least €100 in my account to use as start-up capital for the next time I play. If this amount is too large for you as a starter don't worry, you can use a smaller starting capital because the maximum bet is limited to €32 in my roulette strategy application. This number of spins gives you a 98.5% winning chance which is more than enough to win and earn with Live Roulette!

My Skrill statement. I decided to use Skrill instead of a bank account because it makes withdrawing and depositing funds into any casino account. You can use your own bank account and make deposits with a credit card as well, with no problem.

My Skrill statement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why don’t casinos go bankrupt if it's so easy to win money?
I always use big casino brands whose revenue is around $1,000,000,000 per year. They have millions of players who place their bets randomly. Moreover, the players are using casinos recreationally, hoping to win a little or even a jackpot. There are only a few players (1-3%) who actually use strategies, these players use casinos to earn real money. Some of them are successful, some fail, but together they represent a very small percentage. Casinos earn large profits from the other 97-99% of players who spend huge amounts of money just for fun, and also from those who fail using poor strategies.

Why am I sharing my earning strategy with you absolutely free?
I’ve been profiting for a very long time with this roulette strategy, but recently I thought... why not share my strategy and earn extra money? Casinos pay a bonus to my casino account if I refer a friend. This site was created to share with my friends, giving them - and you - an opportunity to earn money too. I have spent a lot of time and effort creating a great opportunity on my site for you to earn extra money by referring your friends. I have created a program which enables me to share my bonus money with you if you share my website with other people. Simply join here - and I will deposit $30 directly into your bank account for each new player who makes a deposit. Let's make this world a little better by sharing money - why not, if you can earn some money simply for sharing information? If I hadn't shared my strategy, you would never have known about it... :)

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Alamin Hossain Ridoy
So far so good with this method 3 hours total over i earned $340.Thankes so much sharing this free,it is gold
Sharif Jan
iam a very happy
Ravikumar Kumar
easy to earn
Sinish Pathanamthitta
Sean Keeffe
Just finished my first night of doing this, and it WORKED! So happy right now, I know its important to not get too excited straight away, but I literally just earned more in 2 hours on this than I usually earn from my 8 hour day job :o . Not going to quit my job yet though, need to see consistency for at least a month, I am pretty sure this method is consistent though, how could it not be? So far so good so happy I found this
Sohel Parvez
Please help me how can i start?
Sheetal Lende
ya it is very easy,no pasting just clickin
Mujeeb Rahman
So cool this is man
Katherine Bysterveldt
This is so awesome and I'm glad to have stumbled upon your website. I have won $235 in the last 3 days. I also referred 5 friends, so that will be nice when I get to collect my referal bonus :) :) :)
Katherine Bysterveldt
Just cashed out, I wasn't thinking it will be so fast. :D
Mujeeb Rahman
Actually, referring friends is very profitable. I have big facebook page with thousands of followers. So imagine what I could get out of it. From I already received $2700 this month, and just 520$ from this strategy, because I don't spent much time on it.
Seamy Parrot
Katherine Bysterveldt
you are! :D
Philip Baumgartner
Dude I just wanna say thanks 4 puttin togetha this site. It worx 4 sure.
Erica Mitchell
Amazingly simple yet effective roulette strategy for earning at home, heard something like this before but not as in depth as this article. This is actually going to change my life lol , thank you!!
James Hughes
Good method, have been using it for only a small time to test, but in 10 hours total over the last few days I earned $760. Have cashed it out but left $100 for my capital like you said :) Thanks so much for sharing this for free!
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