Hello again.

I don’t know if you know this, and I’m not sure where you’re at in your travelling around the world adventure, but the Thai Government was due to roll out a huge public Wi-Fi programme in April just gone. Great news for any of you travelling to Thailand. I can’t speak about the success or failure of the programme yet as I haven’t been back in a little while, but I have no doubt that it’s going to be great, and I’d like to wish the Thai people well and also those planning to travel there; and to the government I would like to say: about bloody time.

When you spend time travelling around the world, these little things are going to be important. Why? Because if you’re going to travel the world for any extended period of time, you’ll need to know how to make money. Better still, it helps if you can make money online when you’re travelling.

And it’s easy to travel the world. Seriously! Think about it. Think about the various landmasses that make up the planet, now consider the fact that you don’t need to rush when you travel from one to the other. Think of Thailand again for just a second, you can spend an awfully long time there. Think of the all of the time you will need just to experience Bangkok alone; exotic doesn’t even begin to describe it.
If you make money online, you can truly immerse yourself in the sights and the sounds and the aromas and the tastes. I didn’t want to see Bangkok, I wanted to leave there saying I lived it; and I did, and yes, it made me humble. I could do all of that because I’m making money online, and my job came along with me. And this was before I even started to think about Phuket, and all that there is to see between those two places. All I’ll say about Phuket right now is that you have never felt sand like it under your feet. Most people think of this as a holiday, I think of this as my life.

From Thailand to Malaysia over land, it can be done.

Travelling from Malaysia to Thailand

It’s an adventure in itself to figure out a few things about this trip, less internet, more local knowledge when I did it, but that’s probably changed. I have stood in front of the Petronas Towers and strained my neck looking up. I stood there for a long time, because it was cool, and there was no rush to squeeze something else in that day, most days are like that. And the Wi-Fi is good around there. And when the time comes, it’s not a long trip to Indonesia, but it is an interesting journey.

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Once, in Medan, I asked a taxi driver to take me to a shopping district.

Taxi in Medan Travel

He just laughed a wry laugh. He drove for 10, interesting beep-beep filled minutes and left me out. You want to buy something, pick a street. Oh, did I mention that the sellers are going to come to you anyway. You may be travelling around the world, but don’t think for a second that you don’t look like a tourist. T-shirts, cigarettes, aftershave, whatever it is that you definitely do not need at the time, these young boys have it, literally hanging off them. Here’s a tip, you’re going to be polite to begin with, you’ll say no thanks, or not today, thanks very much, but I promise you it won’t work. Within about ten minutes you’ll have perfected your firm NO. That’ll do the trick, and it’s a skill that will stand to you as well. Practice it now, so you can continue on your journey unhindered, like me.

Not only is it easy to find yourself travelling around the world, but I hope you’ll find that there’s no need to rush through it. That’s a very important part. I can bed down in one place for a few months at a time, immerse myself in the culture and the language and work wherever and whenever I want. Back to the Wi-Fi, No matter where you find yourself travelling, for the small matter of a little investigation, a few questions and possibly the cost of a local brew (or two) you can gather a lot of information, and quite possibly make a few friends.

Sorry, I wanted to go talk about more places today, but I got stuck in just a few for longer than I thought; wasn’t the first time.

See you soon.